Pure Lavender Floral Water by The Home of Lavender 100ml

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Thanks to our friends at Country Cosmetics in Ashford Kent, we have created our very own small bottles of Pure Lavender Floral Water.

Pure Lavender Water has so many amazing benefits:

Its properties

  • Lavender water uses: Already known in Roman times for its washing and purifying properties, lavender (whose name is actually associated with the verb “to wash”) has many other virtues.
  • Floral water comes from this shrub from the Lamiaceae family, which is also very popular in perfumery.
  • We will distinguish between floral water, where the dried flowers are infused in mineral water, and hydrosol, resulting from the distillation of lavender sprigs to produce essential oil.

Its benefits

  • It smells of Provence, but above all, it is soothing and refreshing: lavender floral water cleanses, purifies, and softens the skin and the hair.
  • Redness, sunburn, and other skin irritations do not resist it.
  • It is also delicately healing, which allows you to erase small imperfections.
  • Regenerating and astringent, it prevents, in particular, the appearance of wrinkles.
  • If it is suitable for all skin types, the use of lavender floral water is, however, recommended for normal and oily skin.

Usage tips

  • Firstly, lavender floral water is useful for the whole family’s skin to purify and tone it.
  • Mum uses it for gentle cleansing and firm the epidermis and fight against the first wrinkles, teenagers treat their acne, and for dads, lavender water has a soothing effect after shaving.
  • Secondly, lavender floral water will also help correct small imperfections.
  • Finally, it is perfect after exposure to the sun, to calm redness, and in all cases, soothe the skin if it is irritated.
  • It is used as a spray-on cleansed and dry skin.
  • It will also make it possible to moisten the face’s skin before applying day cream.
  • You can even incorporate lavender floral water into your daily cream or body milk.

Benefits of lavender floral water for hair

Usage tips

  • Firstly, lavender floral waterworks first on the scalp, which will nourish and soothe and the roots, especially if you have oily hair.
  • Secondly, it is then applied as a lotion or mixed with your shampoo.
  • And also, by massaging the scalp (on wet, towel-dried hair) calms itching.
  • To give shine to your hair, you can use lavender floral water as rinse water, combined in equal parts with rose and thyme floral waters.
  • Importantly for mums, lavender floral water (like lavender essential oil) is a very effective lice repellant.
  • Lastly, spray a little on your children’s scalp, as well as behind their ears, every morning before you leave for school.